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Custard Pi Range

Custard Pi Range - a range of cards that plug into the GPIO connector of the Raspberry Pi and provide a variety of features such as analogue and digital inputs and outputs as well as relays that can be used for switching. Click on an image below for more information.

Custard Pi 2

2 x 12 bit analogue inputs and outputs using the SPI bus.

4 open collectors digital outputs and 4 buffered digital inputs.

Custard Pi 3

8 x 12 bit analogue inputs using the SPI interface. 2 cards can be stacked to give a total of 16 inputs.

Custard Pi 4

8 digital ports that can be programmed as inputs or outputs using the I2C interface. Up to 8 cards can be stacked to give a total of 64 I/O ports.

Custard Pi 5

8 digital I/O pins with protection from over voltage.

Custard Pi 6

8 relay outputs with I2C interface. Upto 8 cards can be daisy chained to give a total of 64 relays.

Custard Pi 7

Very flexible Industrial control interface with relays, analogue and digital I/O, switches and LCD interface.

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