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The following guides are free. Just click on the images below to download the pdf and print this A4 sheet and make it into an 8 page origami book. 










Haybox thermal cooking

Haybox Cooking - Save Energy with Thermal Cooking


The purpose of this book is to promote the use of haybox cooking to a wide audience and reduce the use of fossil fuel used in cooking. There is a useful collection of recipes included in this book. In keeping with the objective of reducing carbon emissions, all of these are vegan. There are 5 different designs of haybox cookers presented in here. Many of them can be easily made using common household items.

What is a Haybox Thermal Cooker

This little book is a brief guide to saving energy using a Haybox Thermal Cooker.  

Solar, Haybox and Rocket Stove cooking

Adventures with Solar, Haybox and Rocket Stove Cooking

This book catalogues our journey over the last ten years, experimenting with solar, haybox and rocket stove cookers and spreading what we learnt as far and wide as possible. We have made several solar and haybox cookers at home and we share the designs of some of these as well as some of the interesting recipes that we tried out. One of the high points in our work was the trip to Sri Lanka in 2019 where we spent weeks working with a charity in the Vanni region. These and other outreach experiences at festivals and workshops are included inside. We hope that these will inspire some of you to make and use some of the designs that are outlined here.

Quick Wins for a Happy Home
Make your own cleaning products 
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