Custard Pi 2A - Analogue and digital I/O for the Raspberry Pi

(Compatible with models A, A+, B, B+, 2 and 3)


User documentation


The Downloads tab has sample Python code on using the A to D and the D to A on the Custard Pi 2A.


The Custard Pi 2 provides the following benefits for the hobbyist intending to use the GPIO.


1.    Provision of the following I/O.


4 open-collector digital outputs

4 buffered digital inputs

2 x 12 bit analogue outputs

2 x 12 bit analogue inputs


2     The board simply plugs into the 26 way (Raspberry Pi A,B) or 40 way (Raspberry Pi A+, B+, 2 or 3) GPIO connector. Two power on LEDs are fitted to the 3.3V and 5V rails to confirm correct plug in.


3.   All the pins on the Pi are protected from accidental connection of a high voltage.


4. There are screw terminals provided for easy connection to external electronics: 4 digital outputs, 4 digital inputs, 2 analogue outputs, 2 analogue inputs and power.


6.  This plug-in Custard Pi uses a stacking connector, so that other boards have access to the GPIO pins.


7.  Size: 60 x 55 mm (with 25 x 15 mm cut out)

Custard Pi 2 - Analogue and Digital I/O

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