Custard Pi 4 - 8 Digital I/O card using I2C for the Raspberry Pi GPIO

(Compatible with models A, A+, B, B+, 2 and 3)


User Documentation


The Downloads tab has sample Python code to demonstrate the use of the Custard Pi 4


The Custard Pi 4 provides the following benefits for the hobbyist intending to use the GPIO.


1.  The board simply plugs into the 26 way (Raspberry Pi A,B) or 40 way (Raspberry Pi A+, B+, 2 or 3) GPIO connector. A power on LED is fitted to the 3.3V rail to confirm correct plug in.


2.   The Pi is protected from accidental connection of a high voltage as none of the I/O is connected directly to the GPIO pins.


3.   8 digital I/O is provided. Each one can be individually set as an output or as an input.


4.   There are screw terminals provided for the 8 digital I/O to easily connect to external electronics.


5.  A 4-position switch is provided to set the I2C bus address.


6.  Upto 8 Custard Pi 4s can be used with a Raspberry Pi to provide upto 64 digital I/O while leaving all the GPIO digital I/O available.


7.  Size: 40 x 35 mm

Custard Pi 4 - 8 Digital I/O with I2C interface

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