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The Mains Switch Widget allows the user to switch 230V or 110V mains ON and OFF to mains powered devices from micro-controllers like the PIC and the Arduino or from single board computers like the Raspberry Pi and the Beaglebone. All the safety requirements are designed-in to prevent any faults resulting in a fire.


A plastic enclosure is supplied to prevent the user from accidentally touching the mains voltage. The user has to supply and wire in a suitable mains extension cable.


Use 5V or 12V for switching. The 12v trigger from an amplifier can be used to switch on an external power amp.


Documentation for Mains Switch Relay


Documentation for Enclosure


* Uses Solid State device for switching

* Electrical isolation (4kV) between the control side and the mains voltage

* Protected by a 5A fuse in the product - to protect the PCB tracks from overheating if there is a fault with the load

* Cable ties to prevent the mains cable pulling out

* Protective enclosure to prevent accidental contact with mains voltage

* LED indication of ON and OFF states

* Can be configured for most parts of the world by using a suitable mains extension lead (not supplied)


Mains Switch Widget - Applications


There are many applications that require switching mains powered appliances ON and OFF. Here are some examples.


1. In a home theatre application where a 12V trigger can be used to switch an amplifier on.


2. Maintaining an environment at a constant temperature:

A temperature measuring device and the Mains Switch Widget with a heater could be used in a feedback control system to maintain a constant temperature.


3. Keeping a water tank topped up:

A water level detector can be used to control a pump using the Mains Switch Widget to maintain constant water level in a tank.


4. As a module in a Home Automation system:

A Raspberry Pi could be used to switch lights, heating and ventilation using this product. With a browser interface, this could be controlled from anywhere in the world.  


Mains Switch Widget (MSR3 + Enclosure)

£25.00 Regular Price
£23.00Sale Price
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