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Introduction to Small Solar Power Systems

In this introductory workshop, participants will learn how to put together a small stand-alone solar power system. We will look at the design of 3 sizes of systems. This on-line workshop will use Zoom and be useful to those wanting to power remote sheds, live off grid or go camping.

Solar power system #1: This can be used for LED lighting and charging phones.

Solar power system #2: This size of system could be used to charge laptop batteries and cordless power tools.

Solar power system #3: This set-up could be used to run power tools, charge electric bike batteries and boil small kettles.

The workshop will cover basics of a Solar Panel (Volts, Watts and Amps) Batteries (Ah), Charge Controllers, Power Inverters and the use of fuses. It will show how to size a system and scale up to bigger set-ups.

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