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This is an LED light kit that can be put inside a used jam jar (or other container) along with a small solar panel. It can provide a few hours of light in the evening - or work as an 'electronic candle' during power cuts. The jar can also be decorated and used to provide mood lighting. This kit can be supplied with bright white LEDs or with candle-effect yellow LEDs.


User instructions


The kit consists of a small solar panel, an electronic assembly, a board with LED lights, metal fixings , and some sticky pads.


You can use any old jar that has been used for jam, peanut butter or marmalade. The only tools required for this project is a small screwdriver and something to make a couple of holes in the lid.  One for the bracket that holds the electronic assembly and the other for the wires from the solar panel.


This kit is a small rectangular board (55 x 35 mm) with 2 LEDs which is attached to the lid. The solar panel is 63 x 30 mm.


Once assembled, just leave the jar on a window sill. The red LED will light up to show that the battery is charging. The brightness of the red LED is an indication of how intense the charge is - brighter LED means more charge.


When it's dark or there is a power cut, just switch the LEDs on. Make sure to switch off when you have finished. The LEDs should last many hours after a full charge. Just leave it out on a window sill to charge up the next day.


Tools and materials required:

Screw Driver

Drill or hammer and nail - to make a couple of holes in the lid


Solar Powered LED light kit - 2 LEDs on rectangular board

£8.50 Regular Price
£6.00Sale Price
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