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What is a Haybox Cooker? It’s basically an insulated box in which you place your partly cooked food. The heat energy held in the pot and the food completes the cooking process without any external heat input.


This can be used for cooking stews, mixed rice or even baking bread.


Make your own Haybox cooker using the parts supplied. Please see end of listing for video of cooker being assembled.


Benefits of Haybox Cooking:


Energy Saving - save up to 50% of the energy used to cook food


Convenience - cook now and eat piping hot food 3 to 4 hours later


No risk of burning food - the food keeps cooking in its own retained heat till needed


Tasty nutritious food - like in a slow cooker but without and energy input




Cardboard box (38 x 38 x 38 cm)


Cardboard lid (39 x 39 x 7 cm)


Large cushion cover (100 x 75 cm)


Small cushion cover (50 x 50 cm)


Note: The cushion covers are made with up-cycled bed sheets and curtains.


Note: The user has to supply the insulation to fill the cushions with. This can be recycled towels, sleeping bags cushions or crushed up newspaper. You will also need some tape for the base of the cardboard box and a suitable sized cooking pot.

Wonderbox Thermal Cooker - Haybox Cooker starter kit

£21.00 Regular Price
£19.00Sale Price
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