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2 Watt solar panel + LED light bulb (also available with extra LED light bulb).


Use the solar panel (9.5 x 14 cm) to charge the battery in the light bulb during the day. The bulb is ready for use at night or in  a shed.


The 2 watt solar panel can fully charge the light bulb in a few hours.


The battery in the light bulb is 800 mAh.


The bulb has 3 brightness settings. On the brightest setting, the bulb will be on for around an hour. Press the red button twice for medium brightness. At this setting the bulb will last around 2 hours. If the red button is pressed 3 times the bulb is set in the low brightness setting and will stay on for more than 4 hours.


The bulb has a hook for hanging inside a shed, tent or gazebo.


The solar panel can also be used to charge other USB devices like power banks and bicycle lights. 

Solar Panel + LED light bulb

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