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This Rocket Stove is supplied as a kit of parts for self assembly. Full assembly instructions are shown on a Youtube video.

Made of stainless steel.

This large capacity wood burning Rocket Stove is based on a design by Dr Dieter Seifert. Very little smoke is produced due the effective supply of primary and secondary air. Because the pot sits slightly inside the flue, there is good heat transfer from the fire to the cooking pot. The big fuel tray can take long sticks.
Ideal for camping and off-grid living. There is no need to carry fuel with you as it can easily be used with found pieces of wood. Not for use indoors.
Maximum pot size is 22 cm
Height is 22 cm
Size of grate 25 cm long and 12 cm wide
Total length of fuel tray is 40 cm

JAZ Wood Burning Rocket Stove for off-grid living - self-assembly kit

£35.00 Regular Price
£25.00Sale Price
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