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Since 2017, SF Innovations has worked to promote technologies and products which protect the environment and build resilience to climate change. These range from the use of Haybox Thermal Cookers to reduce the use of fossil fuels during cooking to harnessing Solar Power.


In 2018 we launched a project with the EMACE Foundation of Sri Lanka to manufacture and supply 50 each of Solar and Haybox Cookers to low income families. SF provided all the funding while EMACE organised the manufacture of the cookers locally, identified suitable recipients and provided training and literature. In 2019 we went out to work with local charities.




Over the last 5 years we have used talks and workshops to promote various energy saving technologies. Some of these have been in association with the Environment Centre at St. Nicks, York and others at various festivals - Green Gathering, Radical Bakers and Festival of Thrift to name a few. Over lockdown, we have used Zoom workshops to reach hundreds of attendees around the UK as well as worldwide.

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Adventures with Solar, Haybox and Rocket Stove Cooking

This book catalogues our journey over the last ten years, experimenting with solar, haybox and rocket stove cookers and spreading what we learnt as far and wide as possible. We have made several solar and haybox cookers at home and we share the designs of some of these as well as some of the interesting recipes that we tried out. One of the high points in our work was the trip to Sri Lanka in 2019 where we spent weeks working with a charity in the Vanni region. These and other outreach experiences at festivals and workshops are included inside. We hope that these will inspire some of you to make and use some of the designs that are outlined here.

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