Mains Switch Widget


The Mains Switch Widget allows the user to switch 230V or 110V mains ON and OFF to mains powered devices from microcontrollers like the PIC and the Arduino or from single board computers like the Raspberry Pi and the Beaglebone. This product is supplied built and tested inside an enclosure.


Mains Switch Relay


The Mains Switch Relay is supplied as an assembled and tested PCB without an enclosure.

Note: This unit is designed to switch resistive and inductive loads upto 1000 Watts. If planning to switch capacitive loads, then please contact us for advise.

Dual Remote Relay Tx and Rx


The Dual Remote Transmitter and Remore Relay Receiver combine to provide the user the capability of remotely switching 2 mains powered relays ON and OFF.


Using good quality FM transmitters a range of 200 meters can be achieved ‘line of sight’ and more than 50 meters going through 2 or 3 sets of walls.