The Dual Remote Relay product consists of a transmitter and a receiver using 433MHz FM radio modules. Using good quality FM transmitters a range of 200 metres can be achieved ‘line of sight’ and more than 50 metres going through 2 or 3 sets of walls.


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Dual Relay Transmitter


*  FM Radio transmitter operating at 433 MHz

*  Wire antennae fitted

* Can be paired to Receiver

* Two separate relays can be switched ON and OFF

* Simple control interface

* Can be controlled from Raspberry Pi, Arduino or PIC.


Dual Relay Receiver


* FM Radio receiver operating at 433 Mhz

* Wire antennae fitted

* Two changeover relays with connectors

* Safety isolation on PCB between ‘safe’ and mains side

* LEDs to indicate relay status

* 5V supply required




Remotely switch mains appliances ON and OFF from a Raspberry Pi, Arduino or PIC.


Project: Remote Mains Switch with >100m range

Dual Remote Relay Tx and Rx with 100 m range

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