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Off-Grid Living

Rocket Stoves

A rocket stove is a clean and efficient cooking stove using wood fuel which is burnt in a high-temperature combustion chamber containing an insulated vertical chimney. This ensures complete combustion before the flames reaches the cooking surface. Click on the image for more info.


The K Stove is a new design in flat-pack camping rocket stoves, which reduces fuel requirements and reduces smoke emissions through the efficient use of wood.


The mini flat pack camping stove is based on the Rocket Stove principles. It uses less fuel and emits less smoke than conventional camp fires.

Workshop: Build your own Solar Power Pack


In this workshop, participants will learn how to wire up a Solar Power Pack and see it working. Next workshop is on Sat. 16th of November at Clements Hall, York - cost £14.

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Haybox Cooking

What is a haybox? It’s basically an insulated box in which you place your partly cooked food. The heat energy held in the pot and the food completes the cooking process without any external heat input.

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Climate Change Information Evening

This event is for people in York eager to participate in the discussions on climate change. Although protesters have taken to the streets over this issue, many ordinary people are keen to understand the factors driving climate change and what can be done about it on an individual, community or regional level.

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